Sophia is a 16-year-old girl with a kind heart who was framed for fraud and locked in Destiny Islands Prison. She broke out and rescued Harley, taking the both of them to her late father's inn, the Iron Will Tavern & Inn. She was known as Phade while in Traverse City due to having to hide from law enforcement. After she removes her disguise as Phade, she's known as Sophia, except while in Traverse City, where she's known as Trixie.


Sophia is a semi-attractive teenaged girl with red hair and blue eyes (achieved through the use of hair dye and contacts, she's naturally blonde with brown eyes), and wears a pair of camouflage cargo pants and a T-shirt under an open track jacket. The T-shirt reflects her upbringing as a mercenary, saying "Mercenaries Don't Die. They Just Go To Hell To Regroup." around a skull with assault rifles for crossbones. She also wears sunglasses and a black bandanna around her neck.


Sophia uses the Keyblade as her main weapon. However, that doesn't stop her from carrying guns! Her guns of choice are the Speedster, a drum-fed SMG, Buckshot, a sturdy pump-action shotgun, and the Desert Thunder, a huge .44 pistol.

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