Kingdom Hearts IVEdit


  • The marquee for the theater in Traverse City says "BIOSHOCK 2". Some of the posters are of video games as well.
  • Each character has hidden items in their room ranging from weapons from video games to movie items to even the occasional real-world book.
  • During the battle in Paradise Falls with Charles Muntz, if you stand by the window, one of the clouds turns purplish and shiny, a reference to Dark Cloud, a PS2 game from 2001.
  • The grafitti in the Traverse City square says "No More Heroes".

Kingdom Hearts VEdit


  • During Mission 1, Courthouse Blues, Harley will often say "Gentlemen?" as a reference to Team Fortress 2's Spy class.
  • When Sophia tells Harley to investigate the ruins alone, he shouts "Question mark in bold: WHY!?". This is a reference to Dimitri from the Sly Cooper series, specifically the third entry.
  • When walking around the First District in Traverse City, Harley will often say "I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doomy doom doom..." This is a reference to Invader Zim's GIR.
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