Malis T-shirt Template

An illustration of Ianus's T-shirt.

Ianus is Harley's best friend and is later revealed to be the fourth brother.


Ianus wears a silver T-shirt with a wizard's hat on it, a black bomber jacket with silver fur lining, and camo cargo pants. His hair is styled like that of Hayner, but is grey, like Harley's.

Games: Kingdom Hearts V, Kingdom Hearts V Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Saga: Ianus

Theme : His World(all three)

Trivia: He brought the sport of Struggle to the Destiny Islands.

In Final Mix, he wears a hooded, short-sleeved jacket that is patterned to look like chain mail.

Malis's Jacket

Ianus's Jacket.

Malis's Pants

Ianus's Pants.

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