Briefly a playable character in the Chimeron (4 Keyblade Knight) battle, Crisis Harley is Harley in red spiked armor with a backless helm exposing his hair, which has spiked even further and turned from ashen grey to flaming red. His eyes can be seen from behind the facemask, and they are also red, along with black veins in his eyes, representing a possible psychotic alternate form, a demonic entity in Harley's mind. His voice deepens and has a tone showing fury and hatred. He is provoked into this form by Chimeron killing Ianus and Vaan. He wields a new set of Keyblades, Ultima Weapon Crisis and Furious Wolf. He wears a tattered black cape, and the theme in this fight is "With Me Massive Power Mix" by Crush 40.
Basic Crisis Chestplate

Sketch of Crisis Chestplate

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