Coltrane is a kind-hearted 24-year-old aeronaut with the ability to wield the Keyblade living in Traverse City with his wife Bailey.. He joins the team after you complete Mission 1, Courthouse Blues, and beat the Sadness, Rage, and Fear Emotionals. He's the owner of the Kestrel Kruiser, a huge blimp.


Coltrane has stark white buzzcut hair and a white five-o'-clock shadow and blue eyes. He wears black ripped jeans, black-on-black Converse, a black tank top, and a black bomber jacket, contrasting with his hair and stubble. He also has a pair of aviator sunglasses perched on his head. His sleeve bears the number 13.


Coltrane uses the Keyblade "Thunderstar" as his main weapon. He also carries a sniper rifle, aside-by side shotgun, and two .357 revolvers.

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