Chimeron is the leader of the New Organization and the final boss of Kingdom Hearts V. He is later revealed to be a much older Roxas, around 32 years old. His boss fight consists of 13 stages, including the final form Ultimate Chimeron. He can shapeshift into a dragon or a knight, and in stage 12 kills Ianus by sucking his soul out, and also impales Vaan to reap his soul. He is the murderer of Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. He seems to harbor a hatred for Shadow. He is responsible for destroying Harley's Limiter Rings that restrain his emotions to make him get angry. This yielded an unexpected result, as Harley unleashed his sadness for his love's death, his rage at not being able to stop Chimeron from killing Ianus and Vaan, his hatred for Chimeron built when he saw him kill Jacob Black, his joy at being freed from a living hell (being restrained from all emotions), and his prayers for Vaan, who knew could not be brought back, unlike Ianus. He turned into Crisis Harley and defeated Chimeron. He brings Ianus back to life after the battle by injecting his soul back into him, at the order of the still enraged Crisis Harley.

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